Ayurveda Treatments

Abhyanga [ 60 min ]
Rs. 3000
A unique body massage done with soft and gentle strokes using special medicated ayurvedic oil, revives you from the stress and strain of daily life. It is especially beneficial after traveling and restless activities.

The extended benefits of this treatment are good appetite, alertness during day, good sleep, ease in common pains and most importantly, protects from outside influences (builds immunity).
Nasyam [ 30 min ]
Rs. 1120
It’s a very powerful treatment for severe sinus, migraine, headache and chronic cold. Nasyam is done with warm medicated oils, massaged vigorously along with steam on nose, chest and palm area. It relieves you from severe pain and discomfort on a permanent basis.
Face and Head Massage
Face and Head Massage [ 40 min ]
Rs. 1060
A very relaxing and nourishing treatment for skin and hair enhances better circulation and reduces muscular tension.