Serenity [ 60 min ]
Rs. 2500
A detoxifying and relaxing treatment that helps eases joint stiffness, improving mobility and increasing flexibility. It stimulates circulation, tones up the body and relieves tension on both, the physical and mental plane. Steam is inclusive.
Myrah [ 60 min ]
Rs. 2950
Melt away stress and let relaxation flow through your mind, body and spirit. A deeply relaxing, calming and detoxifying massage that helps release impurities for a delightful sense of utter renewal. Steam is inclusive.
Indoceane Journey
Indoceane Journey [ 120 min ]
Rs. 7670
Indocéane is an intoxicating spa ritual, taking you on a journey of ultimate relaxation across the continents encompassing age-old traditions and rituals of beautification. Commencing with Mediterranean influenced body exfoliation to an Ayurvedic-inspired massage using ancient Indian technique and finishing with Silky Smooth relaxing Oriental body wrap, you and your skin will feel intensely reinvigorated.

Manage Pain

Rain Dance
Rain Dance [ 75 Min ]
Rs. 3540
An anti-stress massage that stimulates and relaxes tired and over-worked muscles and a must-do for gym enthusiasts and athletes. Steam is inclusive.
Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage [ 60 Min ]
Rs. 3540
Relax your tensed muscles in the luxury of this warm soothing massage. Feel good about yourself with improved toning of the body through mobilizing of cellulite.
Hot Stone Foot Reflexology
Hot Stone Foot Reflexology [ 60 min ]
Rs. 1890
Combining the ancient technique of healing through specialized pressure point massage on feet with the warmth of soothing hot stones, this treatment is must have if you are the one, always on your toes.

Glowing Skin

Body Polish
Body Polish [ 45 min ]
Rs. 3070
Cleanse and detoxify your skin with benefits of essential oils and natural ingredients. This treatment leaves your body soft, smooth and well hydrated.
Hawaiian Exfoliation
Hawaiian Exfoliation [ 60 min ]
Rs. 3540
Experience this unique therapy which leaves you feeling feather-light through an intoxicating hot stone exfoliation with a choice of your favourite scrub.
Brightening Ritual (Body)
Brightening Ritual (Body) [ 60 min ]
Rs. 3100 Onwards
Cleanse and detoxify your skin with benefits of essential oils and natural ingredients. This treatment leaves your body soft, smooth and well hydrated.


Algae Marine Spa
Algae Marine Spa [ 75 min ]
Rs. 4480
Immerse your body in the richness of marine algae and saturate it with the wealth of minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients for intensive hydration and detoxification.

Back Treatment

Back Brightener
Back Brightener [ 45 min ]
Rs. 1770
This therapy combines brightening exfoliation along with a soothing healing touch restoring your back's natural glow.
Botanical Energy (With Hot Stone)
Botanical Energy (With Hot Stone) [ 45 min ]
Rs. 2700
Relax sore muscles, stimulate circulation and relieve stress with this intensive and energizing therapy. Specifically designed oil and poultice make for an unforgettable experience.
Anti Blemish Acne Treatment
Anti Blemish Acne Treatment [ 45 min ]
Rs. 1770
It’s a soothing therapy that nourishes and corrects the problem areas on the back.
Back Polish
Back Polish [ 60 min ]
Rs. 4130
Back Polish (Derma & Peel) [ 60 min ]
Rs. 4130
A tailor made polishing treatment, ideal for pigmentation as well as scarring, it smoothen the skin with goodness of AHA and crystal polishing followed by a soothing aloevera mask.
Back Massage
Back Massage [ 45 min ]
Rs. 1770
Back Massage With Oil [ 45 min ]
Rs. 1770
Relax your tired back in between your busy schedule with our short therapeutic treatment.


Waxing [Sugar]
Full Arms Waxing
Rs. 290
Full Legs Waxing
Rs. 520
Under Arms Waxing
Rs. 130
Full Face Waxing
Rs. 295
Other body parts on request
Sugar Waxing is the gentlest and most effective alternative to all other hair removal processes.
Waxing [Premium]
Full Arms Waxing
Rs. 440
Full Legs Waxing
Rs. 710
Under Arms Waxing
Rs. 180
Full Face Waxing
Rs. 445
Bikini Waxing
Rs. 1300
Other body parts on request
Premium Waxing increases hair softness and reduces hair growth, thereby giving an exfoliated and a smooth skin texture.